So in my career I've shot 250+ weddings all over the world.  In recent years my wedding workload has diminished quite a bit due to picking up commercial work along with my teaching and speaking schedule.  But when I got the opportunity to do a commercial shoot with Mia Bella Couture shooting wedding gowns, it took me right back to my roots as a wedding photographer.

We went down to Balboa Park in San Diego which is an absolutely beautiful location.  Using a reflector and the Flashpoint Xplor 600 I started shooting with my Sony A7Rii and the Canon 200mm f/2.8.

My mail goal with this shoot was to create a very light, bright, romantic type of a shoot.  The model was Daryl Rene and she did a truly fantastic job in helping me create these shots.  The mood of the shoot was created by the combination of using the off camera flash with a beauty dish on it (the Westcott Rapid Box XL) and the reflector on the other side.  It should be noted that this shoot took place at around 1pm on a day where the lighting was very harsh, so controlling the light by overpowering the sun was crucial.

Below are some of the shots created by using this lighting set up under a row or lattice work and columns in Balboa Park;

We then tried something new and I fired the Flashpoint through the Scrim Jim just to see what effect it would give.  The thought was in essence to create a giant outdoor softbox.  I thought the shots came out pretty cool and created some very soft light.  You can see these shots below:

It was a really great shoot and I hope you take a moment to watch the video as well so you can see how these were created.  A big thanks to Mia Bella Couture for hiring me to do the commercial shoot.  If you'd like to get in contact with us for wedding or commercial photography please contact me at

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