Get ready for the best wedding photography experience of your career

Come and join award winning world traveling wedding photographer Jason Lanier for the ultimate real wedding workshop experience! This is top to the bottom the most immersive, hands on wedding photography learning experience on the planet.


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*Kauai, Hawaii - October 5th- 7th, 2019


What is a REAL Wedding Workshop? Jason’s real wedding workshops gives photographers the opportunity to shoot a REAL Wedding with Jason.

What does that mean? It means that Jason contracts weddings with real wedding couples with the understanding that Jason will be bringing students to the wedding to shoot as second photographers.

Why do wedding couples do this? There are a few reasons for this. One, some wedding couples love having the excitement that a lot of photographers can bring to the wedding. Second, Jason provides a discount to these wedding clients in exchange for letting him bring the students to the wedding.

So does Jason really RUN a workshop at the actual wedding? Yes and no. The day before the wedding Jason and the workshop team will do a pre-wedding shoot with the wedding couple that normally consists of a bridal shoot and/or engagement shoot. This gives the group the opportunity to learn to work together before the wedding day as a group. This also as gives them the ability to build rapport with the wedding couple before the big day.

On the day of the actual wedding the team will be shooting with Jason and will get to see how he runs a wedding. During certain parts of the wedding where there are breaks from shooting Jason will instruct the group in a non intrusive way that doesn’t impact the wedding. During times where Jason is required to shoot the wedding the group is there to shoot with him as his responsibility is to capture the wedding day for his clients.

So are there a million photographers running around? No, these workshops are limited to a select amount of attendees. There’s a max of 10 but normally they are smaller than that. It all depends on the amount contracted with the wedding clients.

Attendee Benefits

  • Portfolio Building- all attendees are able to keep the images they shoot at the wedding AND USE them in their portfolio to market their business! Attendees are not required to give any images to the client. That’s Jason’s job!

  • Becoming a COMPLETE Photographer- one of the things that Jason has prided himself on over his career is in becoming a comprehensive photographer that can shoot in any environment. The top photographers in the world understand how important it is to be able to shoot anytime and anywhere for a variety of different client tastes and requests. This includes you learning the following to make you well rounded:

    • Lighting- Shooting in natural light is just the beginning. You’ll learn and see Jason shoot with both traditional strobe and LED lighting in indoor and outdoor locations as the wedding unfolds. You’ll see why he chooses the different lighting set ups which will help you learn to do the same in your own wedding work. Natural light is beautiful, but it doesn’t exist when the lights go out at night during the reception my friends. You gotta know how to LIGHT to be a complete photographer.

    • Posing- Your clients want to look their best on their wedding day. Just letting them do “their own thing” all the time just doesn’t cut it. You have to know how to best flatter their bodies and put them into positions that make them look their best! You’ll learn how Jason does this which will take you from a middle of the pack photographer to a leader in your area!

  • Wedding Management- one of the things that some photographers don’t fully understand is the management part to wedding photography. Managing client expectations, wedding guests and disruptions that occur at the wedding is critical for your prolonged success. Being able to see Jason do this in a real wedding environment is an invaluable experience that will help you as you deal with these issues in your own work.

  • Stress Free Learning Environment- one of the biggest hurdles for newer photographers is overcoming the fear of “screwing up” someone’s big day. This is your chance to shoot a great wedding with no strings attached.

  • GREAT locations- many newer photographers struggle to have that one “GREAT” wedding. They’re looking for that epic location that puts their images over the top. THIS IS IT. Due to Jason’s standing as a wedding photographer he shoots in phenomenal locations and as a result, you’ll get to do so as well!

Austin and Kiley Wedding-10 Knik Glacier-0007.jpg


Wanna know what it’s like to be an attendee at a REAL Wedding Workshop? Check out this video from the attendees who shot an Indian Wedding with Jason and his team in Cherryhill, New Jersey!

“I understand what it takes to shoot a wedding now.”

“Jason is very down to earth.”

“The total immersion into the wedding environment was invaluable.”

“It was nice not being totally responsible for the images for the client.”

red car wedding.jpg

Who is Jason Lanier? Jason has been shooting weddings all over the world in some of the most exotic and exciting locations possible for over a decade.

In that time Jason has personally provided services for hundreds of wedding clients shooting all different types of weddings for different ethnicities, religions, nationalities and more giving him a very broad understanding of shooting in unique and diverse environments.

His photography work has earned him over two dozen Accolades of Excellence by WPPI, the largest print competition for photographers in the world. His wedding work has taken him to shoot in venues like Disneyland, the Ritz Carlton, the Montage Resort, the Hard Rock Hotel and more in places like Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, and all over North America.

Anthony and Maida-15 Couple Shoot-0001.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What’s Covered? Attendees are responsible for all travel related expenses. You’ll need to book your airfare and the hotel listed as the meeting spot for the workshop. There will be a start time for the workshop and you’ll need to meet Jason and the team in the hotel for the workshop on Day 1. If you need transportation to any place during the course of the workshop Jason and the team can provide that for you free of charge.

  • How do I register? Click on the link at the top of this page under “Upcoming REAL Wedding Workshops” for the location that you’d like to attend. This will take you to a Meetup Page that gives you dates and payment information. Click on “JOIN” to complete your registration!

  • What camera gear do I need? For best results we recommend you have a camera with a few lenses. Best lenses would be 70-200mm, a wide angle lens and a prime lens such as a 50mm or 85mm lens. Renting these lenses is fine. Is this gear REQUIRED? No. You can still get a LOT out of the experience even if you don’t have the optimal gear available for the shoots. The brand DOES NOT MATTER.

  • Lights. Do I need them? No. During the indoor shooting portions of the wedding Jason will be lighting with LED lights which enable everyone in the group to get similar shots to Jason’s.

  • What do I wear to the wedding? All attendees are required to be dressed in black for the wedding day. This means black slacks and black button down shirt for the men and black blouse and slacks and/or skirt for the ladies.

  • Where can I use the shots I take? ANYWHERE!

  • Who do I contact for questions? If you have additional questions please reach out to us at