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The purpose of this section of the website is for you to ask Jason anything. Please note:  This is meant to be used in collaboration with Jason's Youtube Channel which is www.youtube.com/jasonlanierpros.

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Due to the fact that Jason receives so many questions from followers he is now answering questions online in video form so that the answers can benefit all of his followers. Please note: If you ask a serious question, if Jason answers your question you'll get a serious answer back.  Jason is a jokester and many times his followers are as well.  If you ask a funny question, don't be surprised if he answers it back in a funny way. And for trolls....well, ask away, and you just might get a reply as well.

PLEASE NOTE: ANY questions that are asked may be used on a video that Jason creates to answer your question.  If you do not agree to these terms, please do not submit a question.  By clicking on the SUMBIT button below you are agreeing to have your question published online in one of Jason's videos or blogs.