Urban Exploration by Jason Lanier

Jason's love of Urban Exploration started when he began shooting models and brides in abandoned and deserted places early on in his career.  Jason found it a challenge to show the juxtaposition between a beautiful model or bride against the harsh backdrop of an abandoned building.  Shooting in these locations made Jason's love for these places grow and he quickly started his urban exploration exploits into some truly amazing places.  

Jason's ventures into the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans have garnered him widespread attention from People Magazine, news outlets, documentary film makers and more.  Jason has continued his exploring to include other places including the abandoned Gatorland, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, Waldo Hotel, Rose Theater, Castles in Scotland, Fisher Body Plant, Packard Auto Plant, and countless other buildings around the world including Detroit, the mecca for Urban Explorers.  Please click below to view videos from Jason's adventures and to also view his gallery of images.  

Abandoned Church, St. Louis

Abandoned Boxing Ring, Philadelphia

Abandoned Six Flags Amusement Park, New Orleans

Abandoned Hotel, West Virginia

Abandoned All Girls School, Philadelphia

Abandoned Automobile plant, Detroit

Abandoned Factory, Detroit

Abandoned Insane Asylum, Upstate NY

popular urban exploration videos. these videos showcase some of jason’s urban exploration work from all over the world. they are filmed from a variety of perspectives (i.e. photojournalism, documentation, portrait shoots, and wedding sessions). if you’re interested in learning more about urban exploration photography and finding the beauty in decay, click on a video below. thank you.