This was really a fun and fast paced shoot.  We shot earlier on in the day down at Balboa Park as part of my commercial photography shoot for Mia Bella Couture.  By the time we got down to La Jolla we didn't have a lot of time before sunset so that meant doing a lot of quick shoots of a lot of different gowns with different models.


This is one of the main reasons why I always tell the photographers that I train that it's essential to know how to quickly diagnose lighting scenarios and apply the correct technique to get great results.

The first shoot was a fun one where we took my 8x8 Westcott Scrim Jim with the reflector and held it above the rocks of the model Tiffany to cut bounce light from the sun.  We used a Westcott Illuminator Reflector on bottom to fill, and then I fired the Flashpoint Xplor 600 to give catch light to the eyes.  The resulting images are seen below:

I then brought the next model Lauren into the same spot but changed the lighting set up to give the client a different look and background.  We switched the reflective surface on the Scrim Jim for the diffuser to cut light still using the flash and smaller reflector.  Those images can be seen below:

We then went out onto the beach where I shot Tiffany in a stunning red gown.  These shots were created using the Scrim Jim as a reflector and then just used the Flashpoint Xplor as my key light.  These images are below:

I then used the same lighting set up to create these shots with Lauren.  It really is fun to be ale to shoot so many different gowns and all of them are just AMAZING.  Mia Bella Couture really has some beautiful gowns and Daryl Rene Artistry did a fantastic job on hair and make up.  Below are the shots of Lauren in the blue gown:

I then switched back to Tiffany for a shoot that we fashioned as more of a mermaid type look with the dress that she wore that matched the tones of the rocks of the beach.  We even used the cover for the reflector for her to sit on to be able to keep the dress clean.  These shots are seen below:

Being pressed for time as we neared sunset, Tiffany quickly switched gowns and we shot her in a very cute and fun dress that had lemons on it.  Such a fun shoot!

I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make this shoot happen, including my Assistant Brenda, videographer Jason, and my volunteer assistants Lynette and Hans,  And of course a tremendous thank you to Mia Bella Couture!

**Links to Gear:

*Sony A7Rii-  

*Metabones Mark 4 Adapter-  

*Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens-  

*Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens-  

*Westcott Scrim Jim-  

*Westcott Rapid Box XL-  

*Flashpoint Xplor 600-