So as many of you know I like trying out and using adapted glass on my Sony bodies.  It's really cool and revolutionary that I can use glass that's made and mounted for another camera system on my Sony bodies with Auto Focus and Exif Data.  I don't shoot with adapted glass because I have to....I shoot with adapted glass because I can.

So when I had my commercial shoot come up for Mia Bella Couture it was a great way for me to really show the power of this new lens that I think is a great steal.

I bought the Canon 200mm f/2.8 used for about $600.  It's an L lens and is much lighter and easier to maneuver than it's 70-200 bigger brother.  Of course the 70-200 is great for zoom capabilities but if you're like me, and you are okay with being stuck at 200mm and want to save on money and weight, this is a gem of a lens.

**Links to Gear:

*Sony A7Rii-  

*Metabones Mark 4 Adapter-  

*Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens-  

*Westcott Scrim Jim-  

*Westcott Rapid Box XL-  

*Flashpoint Xplor 600-  

You still get the compression and aperture benefits of a 200mm f/2.8 lens which is awesome.  So I invite you to click PLAY on that video to see how this shoot went down.  We battled harsh light with diffusers, bounced back light with reflectors, and added some fill and catch light with high speed off camera flash.  A pretty crazy shoot I must say...:)

It was truly fun as I was able to work with some fantastic models, my crew, and a few photography students as well. Below are the images taken at the shoot.

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