Many of you know I was a landscape photographer for years before finding out just how truly amazing wedding photography is.....well I'll never stop shooting landscape....there's such a challenge on fighting with nature to get the shot. You can't tell it to, "Pose, smile, don't move"...etc. It does what it wants to do....and therein lies the challenge. I've tried to take that same mentality into my wedding make the most of any matter what it gives me.

This slideshow is of the most fantastic lightning storm I have ever witnessed. This took place in July of this year off of Jekyll Island, Georgia. My wife wasn't very happy with me for running out to the ocean....and planting a large tripod and camera which could have served as a lightning rod....but I am crazy when I see a shot I want. Take a look and let me know what you think....I will be launching an additional website in the near future with all of my landscape photography called the Jason Lanier Gallery Collection.

P.S. My sons always sit on my lap when I work on my pictures. As I was building this slideshow they kept saying..."Oooh beautiful....oooohh SCARY." It was really cute......

It's less than 2 minutes ENJOY!