The top ten things I learned this weekend on an engagement shoot in South Carolina....

New vocabulary

1. Chunk...what does it mean?? To throw...I thought it meant a fat kid..

2. Rurnt....pronounced like burnt... It means ruined. This takes some time to learn how to say correctly.

3. "Rock the tutu." This is what southern men yell at their daughter's ballet performance.
4. Mash= means to push...????

5. Cut up...this is what I was saying after walking barefoot at the beach. It means to act crazy.

6. There are fire red ants on the beach...they bite...and it really hurts when you're laying on the ground for a shot....THEY REALLY HURT.

7. Bikers converge on Myrtle Beach, S.C. and take over the town during the first week of October....makes for very interesting engagement shots.

8. Grooms who are cops don't feel comfortable around bikers...

9. Brides who are former bikers love being around bikers....

10. Making the bride and groom walk through a parking lot full of bikers and tell them to hitchhike...priceless.

There are many great places around the world to get engagement shots....for the time of your life...there is South Carolina.