Okay everyone....my wife is always pushing me to enter contests....and I promise her that I will...and then I don't. She then signed me up for a contest for the local Fox television station for Best Wedding Photographer in Los Angeles. I told her I wouldn't ask for votes unless she got me to at least 25% of the vote without asking.....well for those of you who know my wife, she is very persistent. We started off yesterday losing to another photographer named Zarek, who at the time had 78% of the vote. My wife started campaigning with previous clients of mine, and as of right now (Thursday at 4pm) we have trimmed Zarek's lead from 78% to 48%, and I have gone from 0% to almost 30%.

So if you feel so inclined please click on the link and vote....you can even leave a comment and/or picture if you like. You can even vote against me if you like...please don't.....just vote if you have a moment....and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you elect me the Best Wedding Photographer in LA...if I win. If I win I promise to shoot 1 wedding completely free for next year.....that's not a bribe is it?