Well...we all know this lesson....but how well do we follow it? I received a fix it ticket 4 months ago...and I have never taken care of it. The ticket was for having window tint too dark on the front windows. It's a $10 ticket and I have to remove the tint. Well, I've been so busy and haven't made this a priority. I received a notice stating I was going to have my license suspended TODAY for not taking care of it. I have a wedding in Pittsburgh...so I went to the courthouse early in the morning to take care of it before I left.

There was such a long line...and by the time I got to the court teller he told me if I wanted the charges reduced I'd have to see the judge. Well, at that point I only had 45 minutes before the plane left...so I had to pay the fine in total and leave. THE FINE WAS $572.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made my flight and I'm sure I'll have a wonderful day tomorrow shooting in Pittsburgh. Moral of the story...

Whatever you have in your life that you haven't taken care of and it's really bothering you....it's not going to go away....it will only get worse. Take care of it today before it costs you tomorrow.

Take care,