Rollerskating in Paia, Hawaii- this image was taken last year at a shoot I did in the little city of Paia which is located on the island on Maui. This was such a fun shoot because with my busy schedule I don't get to do a lot of fashion shoots but this was one I just couldn't pass up. The model wore pigtails with a total vintage rollerskates and the outfit to boot.

We had a location planned but the original location had to be moved because there was actually a fire in the dried out sugar cane blocking the road to the location where we were going to shoot. So needing to find a new location we drove down the road and found this little rustic laundromat that was just perfect.

When we went to the laundromat there was a man there holding his dog and we asked if we could use it in the shoot. The model wasn't used to using rollerskates, so once we put the leash in her hand and the dog starting moving, so did the model. The picture as seen is a true capture of her losing her balance and falling down after the dog changed directions. There are some things you can't create on your own, and capturing someone falling is something that you can't fake. At the same time a pedestrian walked by and witnessed the fall which I also loved in the shot.

I had to stand in the middle of the road to get it but it was totally worth it. The model wasn't harmed at all in the making of this picture. I hope you like it!

Camera settings: Nikon D3, shutter 1/500 at f/9.0, ISO 640 at 28mm. Flash did not fire.

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