Workshop Questions: I was asked some questions regarding the workshops we offer and I thought I'd post the questions and answers in case other have the same questions.

1. Q: When we register do we pay the $100 registration fee at this time? A: Yes, the $100 is required to register for the course and you are sent a link to pay with credit/debit card. The link is active for 7 days to make payment, if you don't pay within 7 days your registration won't be valid. So make sure to pay so we can see you there!

2. Q: Are there limited spots available, if so how many? The workshop size is determined by the amount of attendees we have signed up 1 month before the workshop, that way we can choose the appropriate venue to hold the workshop. It is recommended to sign up ASAP in case we do find a venue that we REALLY want and the space might be limited.

3. Q: I have a point and shoot camera. Do I need to have a DSLR for your workshop to be beneficial? A: You DO NOT need to have a DSLR prior to the workshop as the time we spend together might actually help you determine what is best for you depending on your needs. My workshops will show you the tools I use like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Nikon cameras, different lenses, etc. Having your camera for the model shoot will make that part extra fun but you will learn a lot regardless of whether you have your gear before or after the workshop.

4: Q: What skill level does that apply to? A: Truth is I have had people from all skill levels come to my workshops and from what they've told me that have all benefited from the information given. I take lots of questions so that gives a lot of different people the opportunity to get the info they need. I really do structure it so people who are just hobbyists to full time photographers can benefit from our time together.

Any more questions please let me know!