Below are pictures from the Washington Monument taken during a fantastic rain storm in DC on Friday night of last week. Life has been crazy right now traveling through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC last week...then I flew down to Pensacola, Florida for a wedding Saturday morning from DC. I'm now doing a one-day 700-mile drive from Pensacola to Miami for meetings there tomorrow!

But back to these pictures......these were taken no tripod during an absolute down pour in DC at about 11pm at night. I shot them at about 6500 ISO (you have to love the D3). I took a foil wrapper from a Wendy's hamburger I had eaten, cleaned it off with a napkin, wrapped my camera as best I could, and then ran out into the rain leaving my car with hazards on in the middle of the road....there's no parking directly around the monument due to security concerns. I'm excited in how they turned out. I circled the monument to get some different angles of it. I was also crazy (stupid) enough to use my video light as well just trying to cover it with my shirt to splash some light on the sidewalk shots.

I want to dedicate these shots to my family who I miss terribly. To Kevin for the way you say, "Daddy," to Michael for the way you make me laugh, and to Jason for the courage you inspire inside of me. And lastly to Kara for the way you love me. I will always love you every day as much as I love you today...