These are shots from a trash the dress shoot Leslie Roark and I did last week. I was in Pensacola for a wedding and Leslie wanted to trash her dress..I can't say that I was opposed to the idea...We had to do the shoot in two locations (the first shot with her standing on a tree was the first location) because the first location had some really strange activity....several guys kept coming around and when I would say, "Hello," or go to talk to them they would run away....and then a few minutes later we'd see them peering through the was very weird, so we left.

We drove down the Scenic Highway in Pensacola about 3 miles and found this slab of a former house that Hurricane Ivan washed away. All the pictures below except for the first one are in the water in front of the washed away home...and the wood you see is from a former deck or pier that the owners had that was also destroyed by the hurricane.

It was a tremendous shoot and I can't thank Leslie enough for being such a willing model. I always tell my clients that when the pictures turn out much credit goes to the model. You can have the best photographer in the world shooting you but the person being shot makes such a huge difference in the quality of the shoot. It's all about a great working synergy between the photographer and the subject. I hope you like them!!!