The pictures below are from our adventures on Friday. I had some work to get done in the morning so before I got started I decided to take the family down to Sonz restaurant in the Hyatt....and it's a great restaurant. I decided it was time for the boys to start learning more about photography so I actually let them start shooting with my D3. The pictures on the bottom are from the restaurant....and the pictures of myself and Kara were taken by the help.

The kids went swimming with Kara and I took a break to go and snap some shots of them. It's amazing how old the boys look when you see them in photographs... At about 5pm we left the hotel and went on a drive back down the road to Nu'u. I saw what I call the "Car Garden" which is a beautiful hillside with abandoned cars that have been overgrown by the foliage. I intended on taking pics of that until I passed this tree. As you can see it's right along the road.....but it was amazing. There is very little photoshopping done to these images....the sunset really was that amazing. The picture below the tree shots is actually of a sugar plant in Maui. I just love the smoke stack with the full moon. All these shots are taken without a tripod....the D3 really is that amazing with night photography...

People sometimes ask if I get tired of taking response is, "No, because I'm always looking for something I've never taken before." That's what I love most about the tree pictures....I've never quite taken a picture like this before. That is why I love photography. The world is so different and just have to open your eyes and decide to see it a little differently.