What an adventure we had on Wednesday. We left in the morning from Lahaina Harbor and too the ferry for a 45 minute trip to the island of Lanai. Immediately upon arriving in Lanai we realized we were in a different country....not really....but it felt that way. We grabbed some food at a small market (no fast food on the island), and took off on a Jeep adventure. We thought the rental car company would have car seats....but no such luck. They did find two booster seats....and Kara only felt comfortable putting the third triplet (JJ) on her lap....so we broke the law....and had a blast!

We took off the Shipwreck beach....Kara got out over a real rough part on the road and I took the boys off roading....I don't think I've ever heard them scream so loud in my life....they loved it! I then took shots of this amazing WW2 ship that wrecked just off the coast...that's why they call it Shipwreck Beach. We left and went to Garden of the Gods....a place that looks like Mars...really a trip. We took the road all the way down to this ocean that looks like it's straight out of a Hollywood set....deserted and beautiful. We had some fun down there and then took off to the Jeep and had to outrun the bees that had swarmed around our snacks in our cooler.

We drove down the road towards an old deserted church that is over 100 years old. It's amazing to drive down this dirt road and just find an abandoned church. There was even money in a collection plate and a prayer written on the pulpit with an old straw hat still sitting there.

By this point we had to make it back to the ferry and fast.....the brochure said it took 45 minutes to make it from the church to the paved road.....no joke....we did it in 11 minutes..... The boys and Kara thought that was the funnest off roading they had ever done....and I completely agree. We got back just in time and took off on the ferry back to Maui. My boys stayed out with me to take pictures while it was light...but as it got dark only Michael was able to make it out there on the top deck with me....what a trooper!!! The cutest thing was while I was taking pictures of teh moon Michael asked me, "Daddy, what does the moon say?" I replied, "I don't know, what do you think he says?" He responded, "I don't know, you tell me." I replied, "I don't think the moon talks Michael..." He responded resiliently, "Yes it does Dad....his mouth is on the other side....you just can't see it. You have to look harder" I responded, "You're right Michael...sometimes when we get older....we stop looking as hard as we should. I can see it now." I love those moments as a Dad. The last shot is of Lahania Harbor at night. It was an amazing trip and one that I highly recommend. Only a few more days left on our trip....but man....we have had a great time!