After an emotional week helping my brother with the death of his little girl I headed to WPPI and WOW was it good. I will post on it later....but I wanted to post these pics of a groom I shot in North Carolina almost two weeks ago. I did both bridal and groom portraits...but I promised not to post any of those so they wouldn't see each other. But after he took off the tux he asked if I could do a photo of him in his police officer's uniform. I happily obliged and had such a great time. I love finding places like we found where it's in the middle of nowhere.

I'm sure glad I know him....because being out that late with him being so built....some of the shots were looking like I was taking pictures of the Terminator....and it was freaking me out a little. He got a kick out of it and it was a great shoot. Let me know what you think!