The pictures below are of the most humbling and important photo shoots I have ever done. My brother Kevin called me last Saturday to ask if I could come to Utah and do a photo shoot with his family before his baby girl Allie passed away. I left immediately from Phoenix where I was doing a photo shoot and drove straight to Salt Lake City. We met Sunday night at the temple in Salt Lake City where we did the photo shoot with his wife Kristen and son Isaac.

It was truly one of the neatest moments of my life being able to capture this last moment the family had to share together before Allie joined her Heavenly Father. We stayed up in Utah and on Tuesday morning I woke up early and drove to a Nature Reserve, laid in the ice and snow and captured this shot with the intention of naming the picture "Allie's Sunrise." Allie died 5 hours later in her Father's arms and I feel blessed to have been a part of her young and precious life. I will never forget her and it makes me squeeze my sons even tighter when I hug them. We never know what will happen in life so take advantage of every moment you have.