Many times so much emphasis at a wedding is placed upon the Bride.  While the Bride is certainly an extremely important person, we of course can't forget the groom right?  This shoot comes from my REAL Indian Wedding Workshop in Cherryhill, New Jersey with Akshar and Arti Patel.  In case you haven't seen Part 1 which includes my images taken of the bride Arti, you can find a link to them by clicking below:

We went into the Groom's room and took the following shots that are included in the video as shown above.  It's important to capture the groom in a dignified and flattering manner which you can do by blending a style of photojournalism with light yet deliberate posing methods.  In other words, direct the shoot but don't overly pose the shoot.  Below are images taken of the Getting Ready portion:

After the getting ready portion we prepared for the First Look.  While waiting for the bride to arrive for the shoot I took a few minutes and did some groom portraits with Akshar as well.  All of these images were taken with lighting from the Rotolight Neo.  Below are the portraits of the groom taken at the ceremony site:


**Links to Gear:

*Sony A7Rii-  

*Sony 85mm G Master-  

*Sony Zeiss 35mm-  

*Rotolight Neo-  

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