FYI: This image is not HDR.  This is what happens when you expose for the background and use flash to light your subject.  This image was taken at my workshop in Miami in May.  Using my Pocket Wizards I fired my flash off camera which enabled me to set a different exposure level for my overall image.  A great way to create dramatic contrast in your images!

Next Workshops:

*Online Webinar- How to create your own website for $25/year- next 2 Thursdays

*Estes, Colorado 2 day workshop- July 23, 24

East Coast Workshop Series- August 12-30, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington DC

Camera settings: Nikon D800, 1/250 sec at f/4.0, 18mm at ISO 50, flash fired.  Taken at 4:23pm.