In this episode which is an excerpt from a conversation held at my Miami workshop while we were driving to various shoot locations, we discussed the topic of whether or not established photographers should help newer photographers to learn.  
Topics include why established photographers are hard on new photographers, how to find a photographer mentor, finding photography workshops that actually help you learn, and more.  Also includes discussion on how Jason Lanier learned including what workshops he attended, 1 community college photography class that he took 20 years ago, and who he looks up to in the industry.
Jason Lanier gives advice on how you can self critique, his opinions on people coming onto social media websites like Facebook and bashing your work, and who you should be seeking out for professional critiques.  Jason shares his thoughts on blocking out those who’s opinions aren’t really beneficial to you and your work.   The conversation ends with Jason sharing how he had to improve his wardrobe when doing workshops since so many production images started coming out of him all over the place.  Hope you enjoy!