So who else does model fashion shoots inside of haunted places like the Moundsville State Penitentiary...just me baby. This is a production still from the Supernatural shoot on Tuesday that was literally out of this world.  It was straight out of a movie, a thunder and lightning storm moved into town immediately as we arrived, and we went around calling for the ghosts it started to pour, as soon as we stopped, it stopped.  Don't believe me?  We have all the video to prove it.

In this shot you see our gorgeous model Rachel who I was posing at the visitation booths where they would use a telephone handset to talk to the prisoner on the other side of the wall.  Just wait until I start showing you shots from "The Hole" where I had one of the best shoots I've ever done.  Because of the thunder storm the water leaked through the walls and down into "The Hole" which was isolation where they locked up the prisoners who were the worst of the worst. With the water coming down the walls it left 2 inches of water on the dirt floor...it was just epic.  Can't wait to edit and post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for these amazing Rotolights....I need to buy stock in their company because all my students are buying them!  Thanks to all my assistants Vanden, Faye and Joyce for doing so much...I love you guys.

Next Workshops:

  • Miami, Florida- April 30, May 1st
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 7th and 8th
  • REAL Wedding Workshop- May 31, and June 1st in Moundsville, West Virginia