Do you shoot with flash during the daytime?  Do you get odd looks from people as they pass by that are giving you a look like you don't know what you're doing?  Well, if you are you are on the right track!  Using fill flash during the day time is an essential tool in a photographer's toolkit to provide the results that are better than the average Joe.  No offense to anyone named Joe out there...:)  If you use flash you can really drive the results that you might be seeking as it can help to balance out some very tough lighting situations where you have a lot of shadows and highlghts.

This is a production still from my workshop in Tombstone, Arizona.  Later on I'll be posting a shot comparison where I shot her where half her body was in sunlight and the other half was in shadow, and I'll show you the difference that using a flash made!

Next Workshop: Las Vegas Nevada, right after WPPI!!