Group shot of us at Mount Vernon in Washington DC.  We had an amazing time, and now it's on to shooting the inauguration festivities over the next 2 days.  In talking to the Park Rangers I learned a few interesting things:

- They are expecting only about 20% of the crowd that came to Obama's first inauguration

-Inauguration ticket requests are coming in at a snails pace compared to last time.  10,000/day versus 10,000/hour 4 years ago.

I'm in our nation's capital to shoot the inauguration regardless of who wins simply because it is living history.  I plan on shooting the next 40 years worth of inaugurations if the body is willing.  This is my second one because in 2008 I had just been a pro photographer for 1 year, so in 2004 I wouldn't have known what I was doing.  Can't wait to share stuff with you all!