I normally post images of weddings, landscapes, children, etc.  But one of the jobs I feel is most important as a photographer is documenting things and bringing them to the world.  Shining a light on things that others might not see. The Dachau Concentration Camp and WWII are very old, and have been photographed by thousands of people.  But I had the opportunity to visit there last week, and the feeling is unlike any other I've ever felt in my life.  Visiting a place that has born witness to so much torture, death, and brutality is an experience one never forgets.

I actually struggled with the concept of even photographing Dachau because for one it felt weird, and for two, I was worried that people would think I was in some way making it look beautiful...and that's something I would never want to do.  I then realized that the concentration camps and the museums attached to them are there for a reason.  To remind the world of what happened, so hopefully we are smart enough to never let an atrocity of this magnitude ever happen again.

To that end I felt it was necessary for me to share some images from Dachau, and I hope they are of a benefit to all of you.  The night that I visited it was rainy and cold and that comes through in the photographs.  To be honest with you I don't think I could've posted any shots that showed an amazing sunset, etc....it just wouldn't have felt right.

So, this is the gateway to Dachau, the entrance that tens of thousands of prisoners saw as I'm sure their hearts sank as they walked through it's cold doors.  May we never as a human race exterminate any segment of our race, and act in such an evil way...