This is WHY you keep your raw files!  Three years ago I went to Puerto Rico for a week to shoot and it was amazing.  We gained access to the famous El Morro Castle in Old San Juan.  While I've been going through and preparing some stuff for my workshops, I ended up looking at some old shots. There are so many shots like this one that I have never used or posted simply because my editing just wasn't there when I took these shots.  My shooting skills were pretty good three years ago, but my editing just wasn't where it is now.  So going back and being able to edit shots like this one was very rewarding.  So, KEEP YOUR RAW FILES!

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Camera settings: Nikon D3, 1/2500 sec at f/6.3, 20mm at ISO 1000, flash did not fire.  Taken at 4:37pm on December 5, 2009 by Jason Lanier in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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