Casting Call for Female Models and Couples for San Francisco- if you are interested in modeling for me next week on Tuesday or Wednesday, or Thursday (May 29th, 30th, and or 31st, 2012) this is your chance! I am looking for the following looks and people:

*People- female models and possibly male models if they are currently in a dating relationship with the female models that are accepted. I need chemistry!

*Themes- pin up, high fashion, wedding, and something wild. Remember, you will be providing the wardrobe so it will depend on what you own or will buy or rent for the shoot. The "Something Wild" means if you have a crazy idea that you want to shoot let me know what it is and maybe we can do it.

*Body Types- looking for fit people in the age range of 18-35. I do not shoot minors. What does "fit" mean? Look at the pics of the people on my Facebook page. I'm not looking for ultra-thin (emaciated), in fact I prefer "Normal" or "The Girl Next Door" looking people. In other words if you have a "tummy" like me this isn't the shoot for you.

*Compensation- this is a TFI (Time For Images) shoot meaning you will receive images for FREE from me for each day that you shoot with me/us. You will be required (standard practice) to sign a release prior to the shoot. I won't shoot you if you don't have a signed release.

*Wardrobe- I will NOT be providing wardrobe, that will be your responsibility.

To be considered please send me an email at JASON@JLPROS.COM with the following information. You will NOT be considered if you do not send me all the information I ask for below:

**3 pics of yourself showing 1 close up shot of your head/face, and two showing your body. Pics using your camera phone are just fine, they don't need to be professional.

**Measurements- please provide them. If you aren't sure try to measure yourself or have a friend help. For female models if you don't know your measurements please provide your bust size.

**Date and Time Availability- the more available you are the higher chance you have of being chosen. But if you only have 1 day available and it works for me you could be chosen so make sure to reply if you want to be considered.

**Clothing- please tell me what type of clothing you want to wear for the shoot. If you are chosen you will be required to send me pics of you wearing the outfits prior to the shoot.

I usually receive A LOT of response and I try to take as many people as I can, BUT I can't choose everyone. I look forward to hearing from you!!!