Below are images taken during our Groom Portrait Session with Brady Bluhm just last week. Something I find fun and challenging is creating something out of nothing. For these shots we actually set up in Brady's small bedroom during the middle of the day with a small backdrop, card table, a deck of cards, and some dice. We used blankets and blinds to block out the light, and used video lights and flash to light Brady.

When I printed some 16x20's at our local lab they asked how we photoshopped the cards into the picture! I told them there was no photoshopping of the cards or the dice, we simply had to be patient. We literally sat there and had Brady throw cards at me for an hour. We had to wait to get the cards to come out the way we wanted, the same as the dice. We shoot Groom and Bridal Portraits for almost all of our wedding clients as we create a portrait session for them that they will remember the rest of their lives. I hope you enjoy!