I know it's been forever since I've posted a blog post and I apologize things have been crazy! This is a rundown of the past three weeks for me:

  • Photoshop World- I went to the Photoshop World Convention in Las Vegas at the start of October. It was awesome but I ended up missing a good portion of it because I was rear ended by a knucklehead in my car on Tropicana Ave.....but more of that below. The convention was great and it was the first time I've ever gone. If you aren't using CS4 you need to be because the software is amazing.
  • Car Accident- as I mentioned I was hit. I was sitting behind some traffic and the guy that hit me tried to make it through a red light and I was the first car past the crosswalk....he didn't see me and hit me at about 30-35 mph. My Diet Coke flew out of the cup holder spilling all over the car, my GPS crashed off the dashboard, and I got whiplash. The guy was pretty nice but I ended up not liking him very much because he told his insurance Geico that there was no damage to the car and on a scale of 1-10 in severity the accident was a "1". I laughed when Geico told me this and told them to wait and see what their body shop said. After the shop told them that there was several thousands of dollars of repairs needed they changed their tune a little on my settlement. What's even funnier is that I had a rate request into Geico right before the accident. Two days after I put my claim in they sent me an email letting me know they wouldn't insure me because of "Claim History" even though they admitted total fault....what a joke....made me want to choke a Gecko and punch a caveman.
  • Buffalo Flu- I came down with a nasty flu...my wife thinks it was the Buffalo Flu....might as well start a new one right? I don't know if it was the Porky the Pig Flu but my family didn't get sick and I'm all better now.
  • BYU Football- went to the BYU-SDSU football game in San Diego on Saturday...it was a ton of fun and the boys loved it. We are headed up to Utah to do the game at Provo against TCU this weekend....that should be a blast.
  • Pictage Conference- I'm going to the Pictage conference in New Orleans in two weeks...that should be awesome...can't wait to do some shoots there.
What's really cool is Delta's new inflight internet service which is what I'm using right now to write this blog. I love using the internet while flying...what a novel concept! Long overdue and definitely a perk worth paying for. I promise to blog better.



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