I am very excited to release the slideshow of the wedding story for Mike and Melodie Thompson shot in Sydney, Australia last month!  I have shot so many weddings and I truly love each and every one of them.  This wedding is definitely one of my all time favorites and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to share this day with this wonderful couple.  One of the reasons I loved this wedding so much was because the family was just so welcoming and honestly wonderful.  We also had the opportunity to do extended shooting after the wedding which you will see in the slideshow.  

I love preparing and sharing slideshows because I think from a photographic standpoint it is the closest thing to attending the wedding...especially if you weren't able to attend.  With all the destination weddings I do there is almost a certainty that someone from the family or a friend can't make it....and that's why couples hire me....so I can take their most special day and preserve it in a way that anyone across the globe can feel and share.  I hope you enjoy!!!