So I arrive in Miami and head in the rental car to Miami Beach where I'm staying at a hotel right on Ocean Blvd looking at the beautiful Miami beaches. I pull the car over to the Valet and after getting everything out they tell me I need to pay before checking in...which typically isn't the case. They explain they only take cash...and unfortunately I didn't have any..I accidentally left my debit card and cash at home and only had my business American Express. They told me I would have to park my car in a parking garage about three blocks away....

I take the car to the parking garage and before pulling in I ask the attendant, "You take credit cards right?" She nods a "Yes" and I proceed to pull the car into a parking space. I take my luggage to the hotel and drop it off...I then go back to the car to head off to a movie theater...the whole process taking about 10 minutes. I drive the car down to the parking attendant to pay and upon handing over my AMEX she says, "We don't take this......"

I am now growing tired of the anti-Amex treatment I'm receiving in this city. I proceed to remind her that she told me they took credit cards...she says, "Yeah, but only Visa and Mastercard." I reply, "That's not posted anywhere." She replies back, "I guess you need to do a better job of asking your questions." She then continues..."Pay, or move your car." I said, "I've only been here 10 minutes...can't you give me a break?" She said, "No." I proceed to show her my wallet to demonstrate I have no cash and no other cards....she is not persuaded. She calls her supervisor who comes and tells me..."Pay or move."

The two ladies then chew me out asking me what kind of man doesn't have cash with them.....I ask them to please help me out and explain that I'm not able to pull cash out via my Amex account...and they just look at me like I'm a bum...they tell me to call a friend and I show them my driver's license from California...the literally laughed. At this point another car gets behind me and they pick up the phone to call the I go in reverse and park the car...I'm now stuck in Miami with no cash and no car....isn't life grand?

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