What a day we had yesterday. We started off the day driving the road to Hana...and that is an all day excursion. We stopped off at a local hangout on the way where we walked through a Bamboo forest to a secluded waterfall. Cameron (like every single male) poses for the camera everytime it's pointed in his direction...and my Mom decided to get up close and personal with a rock (after she slipped and fell).

Kara took the pictures of us in the forest and I started taking pictures later starting with the shot of my boys taking a picture of me taking a picture of them! At long last we arrived at the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana (which is at the end of the road) where the boys swam, I took a few pictures, and Kara went swimming (with her Nikon unfortunately)! The camera body made it through her accidental dip...but the lens is shot. Oh the life of a photographer...Cameron jumped off the cliffs (see the white dude in the white shorts on the left side of the picture).

It was so dark when we decided to walk back to the car that I had to pull out my Sony video light just to light the way....literally...it was pitch black....the moon was covered up by storm clouds. Another wonderful day in Maui.................