Below are pictures from a bridal portrait session with Ashley on the East Side of Maui. It was taken during a beautiful sunset....and lucky thing that the water was warm because it made it easier for her to get a little wet! I just can't get enough of's such a beautiful diverse with so many different settings to choose from.

The bridal shoot was so much fun...but a little funny as well. I had to leave to the airport straight from the shoot so I had my slacks and dress shoes on. I didn't expect to get into the water but the shots were just too good. After the shoot I had to find my shoes but couldn't because it was so dark. By the time I found them I took off to the airport and literally ran to the plane. I boarded just as they were closing the gate...and got some hilarious looks from the other passengers as my shoes sloshed through the aisles...and my slacks were wet all the way up. I love Hawaii and can't wait to get back!

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