I am very pleased to announce that Jason Lanier Productions has signed an exclusive 3-year national deal to shoot all the races for Ragnar Relay...www.ragnarrelay.com. My team and I shot the race in Phoenix back in February and it was great!! We are getting ready to shoot the next race in Utah in June and then have 1 race per month in all locations across the United States. Over the next three years we will be shooting the national championship race every year in Hawaii and will go international with the company as we will be traveling to Australia, New Zealand, South America and other locations!

It is a 30-hour around the clock 190-mile race...and it's so much fun....a giant road trip. We will be shooting in Utah, Seattle, Minnesota, Washington DC, San Antonio, and Tampa Florida. If anyone ever wants to join us for a race let us know...we are always looking for photographers in all the areas we shoot!