Below is a picture taken of Don Atherton, my lead photographer for Jason Lanier Productions. Through the course of working innumerable events together a great bond has been established...and of course guys bond by cracking jokes and coming up with nicknames. While driving with the team down to a shoot in San Diego, a commercial played the song, "Johnny Angel," the oldies hit. Don was talking smack and I quickly dubbed him, "Donny Angel" which he then morphed into a Godfather type persona. This persona has stuck, and while he is the most pleasant person you will ever meet...and the bride and groom always love him....the team knows to watch their step with Donny Angel....all joking of course.

Well, I received a call from Donny Angel last week that he wants his name changed to Chief Firewalker. He sent me a photo taken by a local photographer in Boston of Don walking across hot coals at an event. He even has blisters to prove he did it! I told him the name of Donny Angel will always stick, but that we may now add Chief Firewalker to his resume. If Don happens to shoot your him by his nicknames....and I'm sure he'll give you something extra....that's the Firewalker way.