I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! My parents were out of the country visiting my sister and her Marine husband who are stationed in Okinawa, and Kara's parents were out of town as well. So, we watched some football, spent some time together as a family......and went out to eat for our Thanksgiving dinner so I could spare us from the cooking and cleaning up for the day.....which is what I truly gave thanks for. It was perfect.

A big thanks to all of you who voted for me!!!! I will find out the results this Friday as to whether or not I won and will definitely keep you posted. The neatest part about this contest has been reading the customer comment page. I always get to hear the feedback from my brides and grooms....but the coolest part is being able to read what friends and family thought about the wedding....because I didn't always get to hear that before.

We truly have a great profession where people constantly give us praise when we do a great job. Having worked in the corporate sector for years I can tell you that's not usually the case. That is truly something for us to give thanks for.