WOW! We had a fantastic shoot in Pittsburgh and Sharon, Pennsylvania. David and Tori were magnificent and truly a couple that can deal with adversity. We started off the shoot in a beautiful church that was amazing and then headed off to a watermill to have a photo shoot....

Well, the limo driver got lost...and that killed the time for the photo shoot. So then we went to the Reception and I walked up to the DJ to ask him what the first dance song was going to be. He told me he didn't know because he thought the bride and groom were bringing the CD....I told him he might want to check with the B&G....when he did and she said she didn't have it the poor bride looked so disappointed...

Leslie and I then decided enough was enough (play the dramatic superhero music)....I asked David and Tori what the song was (Want To by Sugarland). I then pulled out the laptop, hooked up the wireless internet card....downloaded the song from Itunes...and Leslie loaded the song onto my Ipod.

When we went and showed the couple we had the made for a Kodak....I mean Nikon moment. The first dance was beautiful as was the rest of the Reception. We then asked them if they would like a private photo shoot after the wedding...and boy am I happy they said, "Yes." We took them throughout the alley ways....old courthouse buildings.....and even in the middle of the street. It was one of our best shoots ever. Take a look at their slideshow and let me know what you think!!!!