A huge thanks to one of my favorite photographers Leslie Roark. This is the second time we've shot together (she's the one who bailed me out when I had my emergency in Pensacola, Fl). We shot this awesome wedding at a house built in the 1700's in the farm country of New Jersey.

We started the day off showing up to the wedding early, and we saw this dry riverbed that's on the estate. We thought it would be fun for us to get some "action shots" of us taking photography. It was fun and the pictures turned out pretty good...I think.

We then went inside the house and had an unbelievable shoot inside the living room. There was a stain glassed window with a grand piano that served for an unbelievable location for a shoot.

From the bride to the bridesmaids to the flower girl, it was beautiful. There is nothing more gorgeous than capturing natural light.
The only adventure of the night was the GPS we used in the car. We typed in the city where we needed to go and it took us to some place in the middle of nowhere. I then told Leslie that my wife has a whole comedy routine written about me and my GPS.
By the end of the night, Leslie completely understood the need for the comedy bit due to my complete reliance on the GPS. There was one time we told it to take us to McDonald's and it literally took us in a giant 3 mile circle that included getting on and off the freeway. It was pretty ridiculous. A huge thanks to the bride Maria for affording us the opportunity to shoot this fantastic wedding. More pictures to come later!!

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