Wow. I don't even know how to decribe how I feel. I guess it is like being a kid and wanting that cool BMX bike for Christmas and you wake up Christmas morning and realize that Santa had forgoten to come to your house!

So, my deadline for getting the pictures to the hotel for the taping was by Friday morning. I took them to the DOW today (thursday) at 3:00pm; ahead of schedule. Somehow there was a little breakdown in communication and the DOW did not find out until it was too late that the station needed them by 12:30 TODAY for the live show tomorrow morning!

It is no one's fault. This all happened so fast and we all thought that the pics needed to be in by tomorrow, not shown tomorrow! Tony, the DOW, is such a busy guy. He has so many weddings happening and so much going on that he is hardly in his office. If any one tried to reach him or leave a voice mail he would not get it until too late. And NBC? I can not even imagine how busy those people are? Probably some of the most busy people ever. Miscommunication happens when people get busy. Just a fact of life.

So, I blame no one for the miscommunication. It is just a dissapointment.

Well, the DOW sent them anyway but the station probably won't be able to get them ready in time. The DOW is dissapointed too. He really wanted the new venue shown on TV. Now the hotel has no pictures to use. Maybe some old ones of just the hotel itself. Not what the hotel or I wanted!

All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that NBC is still able to use them even though I was not given the right deadline.

I won't be able to watch. I will on my way to NY to shoot a wedding. If anyone is in San Diego then maybe you can watch for me. It will be on channel 7 in San Diego at 10:00am. I am still silently hoping that they can get it all together and still use them.

I shot the weddings on Saturday and had all my post production work done LESS than a week later for THREE weddings. A record for me! I never worked so hard and so fast-on top of hundreds of other things and deadlines I had to meet. It is a huge let down to work so hard and so fast on something to have them not used because of a miscommunication over 1 day! If only I had them done just a few hours earlier? If only we would have known I would have stayed up until 3:00am last night!