Isn't this a cool shot? I really don't say it to brag....I just love cool shots and I was lucky enough to get this one. This is of the wedding I shot with David Jay last Saturday. The groomsmen were walking down this alley in LA heading to a parking lot. I had my camera out and was able to take a quick picture. For any up and coming photographers out there I have a very small piece of advice.....Don't be afraid to shoot with other photographers, especially those that are more experienced. It will only make you better. I learned a great deal from my shoot with DJ last Saturday and I only hope that all photographers can have the opportunity to share of their talents with others. We weren't put on the earth to prove how good we are, but rather to make each other better as a whole. I'd be more than happy to return the favor and shoot with anyone who has a desire to learn. I'll be sharing more photos later, including some from my travels from around the world.