Jason Lanier is one of the most open photographers out there and is dedicated to helping newer photographers get their feet wet in the industry, as well as providing them with opportunities for growth. Jason has three different types of programs that allow for photographers to work with Jason and grow themselves and their dreams as Jason has been able to do for himself.

FORMS: If you've been asked by Jason Lanier Photography to sign a general volunteer or intern agreement that form is found at the bottom of this page. If Jason has asked you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement you can find it by clicking HERE


Jason allows photographers from all over the world to come and volunteer to help at his various shoots, workshops, etc.  These opportunities will vary depending on where Jason is shooting and what he needs.

A volunteer for Jason is someone who comes and helps on an infrequent basis.  All volunteer positions are unpaid.  A volunteer position is perfect for those who would like to help Jason but don't have enough time to dedicate to the Intern Program.  Volunteers are there to help drag bags, carry backpacks, get food, hold lights...pretty much anything and everything that Jason or his team would need on a shoot. Volunteers are only asked to come and help if there are not enough Interns or Assistants for a shoot.  Volunteers are responsible for all of their own expenses.


Jason Lanier's Intern Program is designed to help newer photographers streamline their learning and jump right into the world of photography.  Interns are required to attend at least 3 to 4 shoots per month.  Jason usually has 8 shoots or more per month so Jason asks for his interns to attend at least 3 to 4 and be active in the program.

Interns are not allowed to shoot for the first 6 months of the and during this time will be dragging bags, getting food, holding lights, etc.  They do what a volunteer does for the first 6 months.  The second 6 months of the program the Intern is given more opportunities to shoot.  Interns are given precedence over Volunteers.  The Intern Program is unpaid and Interns are responsible for all of their own expenses.


Being an Assistant for Jason Lanier is the entry level paid position with Jason Lanier Photography.  Assistants are only pulled from those who have completed the entire 1 Year Intern Program.

Assistants can and still will be asked to do everything from dragging bags to shooting alongside Jason.  It really depends on what the job calls for.  To this day Jason and his long tenured team will do whatever it takes to get the job done and they require that same level of dedication and humility from everyone that works with them.

Once you become an Assistant with Jason Lanier Photography you will have your travel expenses paid for and will be paid for your work.  These positions are not guaranteed and are provided to those who are the best of the Interns in our Intern Program.


RULES FOR Volunteer or Intern Program

In order to ensure success on Jason's shoots, all Volunteers and Interns are required to follow these rules for all Jason Lanier shoots.

  • Cameras- No cameras are allowed at all for any volunteers (at any time) or for interns within the first 6 months of their program. No exceptions. If you bring a camera you will be asked to leave.

  • Cellphone Pics and videos- Volunteers and Interns are not allowed to take pictures or videos of the shoot. The shoot is the intellectual property of Jason Lanier. Many times Jason is shooting new concepts with prototype gear that isn't permitted to be released to the public. A quick selfie may be allowed but only with permission.

  • Keeping Your Commitment- Volunteers and Interns are required to stay the entire duration of the shoot. Leaving early severely impacts the shoot as Jason limits the amount of people that can assist and if someone leaves early you leave Jason and his team short, and you rob someone else of that opportunity. If you leave early except for an emergency, you will not be asked to return.

  • Take the Good with the Bad- You will gain favor with Jason by your willingness to help out with a more mundane shoot rather than just asking to help out at exotic locations.

  • Privacy- there will be times when Jason or one of his team members asks you to leave certain portions of a shoot. This could be for a variety of reasons including the privacy of the client, proprietary information, or sponsorship requirements. Please do not be surprised if this happens on a shoot.

  • No Contact- Volunteers and Interns are NOT allowed to exchange contact information with any of Jason's models, clients, etc.

  • Jason's Gear- Volunteers and Interns are NOT allowed to touch any of Jason's gear without permission.

assistance agreement for volunteers and interns

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