In late October 2017 Sony announced a camera that should be a big seller for them, the Sony A7Riii.  The predecessor to the A7Riii, was the A7Rii, a very popular and widely acclaimed camera.

While in town in New York City for the PhotoPlus Expo I was able to get my hands on the new Sony A7Riii with the brand new 24-105mm FE lens that was announced at the same time as the A7Rii and give it a go for a night.  I had my Photographer's Unite Event planned at a Penthouse in Manhattan and I used the opportunity to put on a live shooting demonstration in front of the crowd as they got to witness my first shoot ever with this camera.  Below is a video of the shoot:

But most of you are probably here to see the images that came out of the camera right?  Well, they are posted below.  All of the images were shot in raw, developed using Capture One, and enhanced using Photoshop.  I'll post the images by the lens that was used to capture them.  Settings for all the images are included in the video:

Images captured using the 85mm Sony G Master

Images captured using the 24-105mm Sony G lens:

Images captured using the Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4:

---Gear used for the shoot---

**Sony A7riii-

**Sony 24-105 G lens-

**Sony 85mm G Master-

**Sony 35mm Zeiss-

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**Rotolight Neo-

Below is a link to the models in the video:




I thank you for watching and invite you to stick around and watch a few more while you're here. We have plenty more videos coming with the Sony A7Riii and will also devote an entire playlist to that camera, so make sure to check that out as well.

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