Updates to the Privacy Policy

Hi Friends in Fedora Nation,

It's the fantastic time to do some privacy updates thanks to our friends in the EU...:)

In light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), agreed upon by the EU and set to go into effect today (May 25th, 2018), we wanted to revisit our privacy policy and make a few updates for you.  Already in full compliance for GDPR, we’ve simply added details and adjusted language in the Privacy Policy to be more transparent regarding our collection and use of your personal data.

Our privacy policy updates will give you more clarity and control over how we collect and use your personal data when delivering our world-class products and services.

Here's a quick summary of the updates we’ve made:

  • We wanted it to be absolutely clear that we have never and will never rent, sell, or lease your personally identifiable information to other companies or individuals. We agree, it’s your info, not ours.

We trust you'll find these updates helpful and want you to know that our continued commitment to your data’s privacy and security will remain a top priority.

To review the full Privacy Policy please visit:


Please note that by being part of the Meetup Group here, you've already agreed to the Privacy Policy on Meetup.  Today's updates maintain our privacy agreement with you and by continuing use of the services on or after today, you’ll be in full agreement with the updated policy. If you have any questions please contact us anytime at info@jlpros.com

We appreciate you and your business.  Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Thank you,

Jason Lanier Photography