Internship Program! Want to become an intern for Jason Lanier Photography? This is your chance to be able to learn from us and become an excellent photographer. We offer both a 6-month an 1-year internship program. The 6-month program is great for those who are starting out and want to learn more that they can take to start their own careers. The 1-year program is meant for those that want to eventually become a certified Jason Lanier Photographer and shoot for my company for pay! I am opening up 5 slots for interns.

We need: 4 photography related interns and 1 office staff intern

All skill levels are welcome to apply. If interested please send me an email to with the following information:

*Name, current city you live in (must be in Southern California).

*Current level of ability- send me a link to any online images you have up if you have a blog, website, etc. If you don't, just tell me you don't!

*Schedule Flexibility- those who have the most flexibility will be given additional consideration. We really need those available on Saturdays (for the 4 photography slots) and weekdays (for the 1 office slot).

*Picture- I'm a visual person as you know so please attach a small picture of yourself so I can know who I'm talking to when we explore your candidacy for the position.

*Age- 18+ (not because of any adult related material) We need those who are adults simply for liability reasons.

I look forward to your responses.



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