Chance to shoot and learn alone with Jason Lanier- I've done private tutoring sessions for photographers, enthusiasts, and beginners for quite some time. I was asked if I could do something when I came out to Shreveport, Louisiana on a one-on-one basis and the answer is, "Yes!" I will be doing 3 fashion type shoots where I combine my landscape and fashion photography experience into one shoot to create something amazing. I have 3 spots available for anyone that might want to come along for the shoot, shoot along side with me, ask me any questions they have, and then receive instruction on how to shoot and why. After the shoot we can grab some dinner and review the results together! I'm offering the shoot for only $175 for those who attend my workshop on Saturday, and $275 for those who don't. If interested please send an email to It will be first come-first serve so don't delay!