Below are some of the pics that I'm well as some from my last wedding for the WPPI 8x10 print competition. As you can tell I really love what I do....and I just love taking pictures of brides. None of the women below are models...just blushing brides and I really enjoy shooting them. I went to a seminar recently with Joe Buissink and he stated that a client told him she could tell through his photography that Joe loved women....I thought that was a great thing to say, and very telling.

Your style is defined by what you shoot, the way you shoot it, and ultimately what you love to shoot. I never worry about it when a client asks what style I shoot...photojournalistic, fashion, traditional, etc. I just tell them..I shoot my style...if you like the photos in the portfolio we're in business! Be true to your style and you will be more successful than trying to be something you're not. So go out there and shoot!