Join me for my first experience on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where I take on the question of whether or not photographers should compensate strangers when we’re taking their pictures as part of street photography or photojournalism.

Now, this is a complex question. You have to ask yourself:

  • Is it offensive to offer money to people when you take their picture?

  • Is it offensive when you don’t?

  • Is it messing up the natural flow of a shoot and what’s occurring when/if you offer money?

This shoot was done back in August, 2014 when I had first delved into the world of shooting Sony. All of these images were taken with the first Sony I ever purchased, the A6000.

I have to admit it was quite challenging to tackle this issue for myself. I was used to shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes and most things that photographer shoot. I had done work on local streets of the United States but never something to the magnitude of Ethiopia.

To find out how I handled it all and what I ended up doing, please watch the video that I made from this shoot.

To see the images from this shoot please check them out below:

The images in this video were taken using the Sony A6000 with the E mount 50mm f/1.8 lens and the 16mm f/2.8 lens.

As this is a touchy subject that many photographers need to answer, my attempt with this video is to show how I handled the situation so hopefully it helps others out there to determine what they would do if they were in a similar situation.

We thank you for watching and invite you to stick around and watch a few more while you're here.

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