One of the best things about shooting Sony is I get to use so many awesome adapted lenses.  I've used Minolta, Canon, Nikon alongside my native Sony glass for years now.  But recently Sigma announced a new adapter, the MC11, and this adapter opened up the Sigma Canon mount glass to the Sony World.

I already owned a lot of the lenses (either Canon or Sony) in the same focal range as the Sigma Art glass available.  The one lens that nobody offers except for Sigma is the 20mm f/1.4.  I had to give it a go.  So I bought it and started using it.

Simply put, it's a magnificent piece of glass for the price.  On the MC11 adapter it focuses very well and gives some fantastic results.  Shooting wide open it delivers very sharp results on the area of focus and creates some great separation between your subject and background, very reminiscent of that Zeiss pop that I'm used to with my Zeiss Batis and Sony Zeiss lenses.

Below are links to the gear used in the video I created to show you all what I think of this lens. There are also sample images taken.  I hope you enjoy and also hope it really helps you all out there!!

Links to Gear:

**Sony A7Rii

**Sigma 20mm f/1.4 lens

**Sigma MC11 Adapter