This is a production image taken at the Oklahoma workshop on Day where I'm showing the group how to use a monopod with a Rotolight attached to the end of it to put the light exactly where you want it to go.  I made this little configuration back in February at WPPI which is where I found the Rotolights and the MogoPod by Carry Speed that I love.  

The reason it works so well is because the MogoPod is so fast to open and close while the Rotolight is very light so it's really easy to maneuver on the end of the monopod.  

I always tell my workshop attendees that one of the key lessons to learn by coming to my workshops is learning what gear you need rather than having it all by the time you come to the workshop.  Saves you lots of money by not having to buy things before you see them in use at a real shoot...