I watched this lone Grizzly Bear for hours wait and wait and wait for a fish.  I was amazed how long he could stand the cold water just waiting for his meal.  And this wasn't just a gentle flow of the water, it was coming down very fast and would have made any human not only freeze, but fall over within seconds from it's powerful current.  At long last I watched this beautiful creature finally catch a fish, then two, then three.  But if he hadn't of waited all those hours, that never would have happend.  Good things do come to those who wait.

The image was taken in Brooks River, Alaska on one of my Grizzly Bear Adventures.  This isn't a zoo, you come into live contact with real bears.  So much so that Park Rangers require that you empty all of your food into a pantry even before you start hiking into the area.  Brooks River is only accessible via seaplane meaning it costs a lot and there aren't many people there which make it amazing!